Monday, April 4, 2011

music contrvercies

 I personally love the beatles but some may love the rolling stones. music has always started contrvercies even when the bands like the beatles or stones just sung about a simple relationship people took it wrong. BOB DYLAN WAS ONE OF THEM :D. he thought that in the beatles song" i want to hold your hand"  in the verse: "I cant hid i cant hide i cant hiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddeee" he thought it was "i get highh i get high i get hiiiiiiiiiigh" as in high on drugs.and nobody can forget the lucy in the sky with dimonds insedint. one day, jhon lennons son had drawn a pic of a girl named lucy, who he drew in space. his friend wrote the words lucy in the sky with dimonds  on it confusing dimonds with stars.paul and jhon found it so cute that they  made a song. it was not until later that they relized the fraz lucy in the skywith dimonds could stand for LSD  ( yet another drug). And with the song yellow submarine, peole thought it was about a yellow drug pill. Will people evr learn?,
                                                                          beatle buddy

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  1. Awesome!! I love it!! The Beatles rock!

    -From ur Beatles Buddy