Sunday, August 28, 2011

The sad truth

I have recently come to a sad realization. Ok, so i am a big nirvana fan and i read a book a about a boy who's friends love nirvana to. but they said that nirvana should not be compared to the Beatles. now i agree 100%. There is a fine line between rock and grunge. But they also made another valid point. the only reason that the Beatles had the obsessive fans that they did was that they had nothing to be compared to. Now, that does not mean that they did not have good music, because they did. They had AMAZING music. but the reason why the band got the commercial success that they did was the fact that they where the first real rock band. And man did they start with a bang. That is why everybody else who is big gets compared to them. cause they where so big and new. please don't hate me for telling this. This is just my opinion.

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