Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The beatles and thier drugs

The Beatles where highly influenced by drugs in theur later carrers. Some of thier song where written while on acid trips.  But it actually started back when they met up with Bob Dylan in their early years. He gave them drugs thinking that they where familiar with the substance. He had misread a lyric in their song " I Want to Hold Your Hand". He thought the line "I can't hide" was "I get high". they had never expirienced anything like it. They started using the stuff and even used it on the set of thier movie "Help". but when they went on a spiritual trip to india, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,  thier spiritual teacher, said that they got in the way of your jouney to nirvana. so all the beatles and co. stopped . but one day they were invited to a dinner at thier dentits house. He was a good friend of thiers. so they went but they could only stay a while. as they where about to leave, the dentist and his wife told them to just stay for hot chocolate. Which they did.And as they where about to leave the dentists wife said " Well now you REALLY can"t leave" "Why not?" Asked George. " Beacause you have taken drugs, it was in the chocolate." The beatles freaked out and dizzily drove away. From then on john and George where back on the stuff. They felt it stengthend their spiritual connections. They never really used the hard stuff... just things like LSD and weed. I dont beleive that it got to the point of addiction and i think it was more of an extraordinary expirience for them.  Eventually though, george died of lung cacer. he smoked the most. But Drugs where the cause of songs like I Am the Walrus and many more.
                                                           kids, dont do drugs,

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