Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beatles Trivial Pursit Review "With a Litttle Help from my Friends"

Recently I bought the game Beatles Trivial Pursuit  the collectors addition and Pplayed it with a friend who is helping me write a beatles fan I am not impressed. the questions where either very simple or monumentally hard. some where barely about the beatles!!!!! For example "What did adults have to do to gain entry into the charity party attended by the beatles?"  the beatles where not the reason for the adults restictions, they where just their. Thats just one of the questions!!!  others wherequestions that only stalkers would know the answers to! I think The Beatles dont even know! I think that this should have been more focased on things like "who said what" and "name that song". Ya know? well, thats all for now
                                                                      stil kinda annoyed,

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  1. Hey! Love your new layout of your blog! How'd you do it!? You'll have to show me sometime. Love the post and the game wasn't that great. It's agreed. :)